File Splitter - Splits Files By Lines Or Any Number Of Parts

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File Splitter Features

Split any type of file - zip, dbf, txt, doc, html - ANYTHING ANY SIZE
Split text files by lines
Split any file by parts
Ideal for breaking down list files, like email lists, address lists or code files
Ideal for splitting large files for email
Ideal for splitting gigabytes of data for easy CD storage
Creates a batch file for automatic reassembly of parts
Incredibly easy to use interface
Instant, automatic license purchase process
Works on all Windows operating systems
Tried, tested and trusted by thousands of users


User Comments
"Great for handling thousands of lines of code.." A Ashraf
"..Great for storing movie files, which are EXTREMELY LARGE.." C Handy
"..I like the automatic reassembly feature.." A Lewis
"..Now I can email files instead of FTPing all the time.." J R Lewinson
"..This makes automating and sending large amounts of data by email much easier.." K Thymann
"..Useful for organising my mailing lists.." P Partizan


File Splitter is used for a number of purposes:

a) As a security alternative: instead of compressing or locking files, splitting a file into two adds an extra layer of security. The option is similar to a private and public key in that two (or more) elements are required to be pieced together before the decompression / unlocking procedure.

b) As a file storer / backup opotion. With the ever increasing size of video and music files, storage requirements often exceed the hard space available (CDs normally have an upper limit of 800Mb only). Splitting files easy storage issues.

c) As a file transferer. With floppy and email limits, file splitter allows files to be split and transfered easily.

d) As a line delimiter / splitter. Often, files need to be split into multiple parts according to lines rather than size. Programmers often require this facility.

e) As a content controller. Often, decision makers are reluctant to distribute complete content; copyright and intellectual property concerns can be significant. File splitter allows the intellectual property controller to make more refined decision as to who accesses what.

f) As a workflow distributor and coagulator. With file splitter, it is possible to distribute and then reassemble workload assignments throughout an organisation.

g) As a file organiser. Often, files contain various groups of data / knowledge that can be split and reassembled for filing purposes.

h) As a bulk emailer. A message can be put together, split and then bulk emailed to various recipients.

i) As a file size restriction bypasser. When upload sites or other entities limit file size, file splitter helps to meet those requirements easily.

j) File splitter allows you to play with text files, by searching and manipulating text patterns.


Download And Try Before You Buy