Q: How do I contact you?
support@clickok.org - we will reply within 72 hours (usually much sooner).

Q: How long before I get my license key?
The details will appear on your screen immediately after purchase.

Q: My license key didn't automatically appear on the screen after purchase!
In this rare case, please email support@clickok.org and we will email it to you.
Please allow 72 hours (usually much sooner).

Q: The software runs on Windows / PC but I have a Mac.
We will provide you with the direct URLS to the video locations, so you can watch those.
The software is designed for all versions of Windows / PC. If you want to run it on a Mac, you'll need an emulator or virtual PC. See your Apple store.

Q: Is this a substitute for going to an Ivy League University?
If you go to an Ivy League University, you benefit from the network therein, the brand of that institution and the confidence gained through debating with and winning over your peers. The Guerrilla MBA is what they teach you, which in essence doesn't vary that radically between institutions.

Q: Will an MBA make me a rich entrepreneur / leader etc?
Institutions will tell you that an MBA will make you a leader, a strategic thinker, an entrepreneur etc. Part of this is sales pitch; think of an MBA as knowledge which will help you start and optimize all or part of a business (which includes leadership, strategic, entrepreneur etc methodology); this is why already wealthy entrepreneurs and corporations import MBA knowledge and talent.

Q: Is an MBA hard?
Not once you get your head around the language and concepts - the various domains require little bits of conscious effort rather than high IQ. Even the very wide range of knowledge is easily manageable once you develop your mental framework (which the Guerrilla MBA videos help you to do). Institutions that charge small fortunes to teach an MBA have an interest in creating and maintaining a mystique.

Q: What's the difference between a two year MBA, a one year MBA and an Executive MBA etc?
The same core content is reshaped, contracted or expanded to target various markets and revenue streams (the business of business education). The Guerrilla MBA is this core content.