Hide and Lock Folders: Fortknox version 5.0

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Sometimes during installation, the destination file may be in use. Simply click the ignore button and continue.

Works on all Micrsosoft operating systems including and above Windows 95. There are presently issues with Vista.



This is a very easy to use folder locking utility. Historically, the program allowed locking of folders anywhere on the system, but we have reduced that flexibiltiy in order to enhance ease of use and security. Feedback from users indicates that the following is an effective strategy (and will allow you to easily recover from unexpected events, such as a system corruption):


a) Just create a folder in the C:\ drive and lock as needed.

b) Always work with one folder. That is, always lock the same folder and put anything that needs to be locked in it. Remember, your one folder can contain subfolders - so you are effectively, regularly locking the same directory. This is better than locking many folders all over the place.

c) Don't create folder with a reserved name (such as Programs, Documents, System, My Computer etc).

d) This software does not allow transference of locked folders between systems or drives.

e) Do not lose your password. We will charge you for password retrieval.

f) Always unlock your folder and backup before formatting a drive or upgrading your operating system.



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